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Montréal & Quebec (2019)
New York - At the Twins' Towers time
This is NY, the snow came very late this very year, it was in Dec. 23 rd, right before Xmas ! that was a marvellous time
Mobile city in Alabama - 1998
Mobile Alabama, is not only the place to visit the "USS Enterprise" this battleship from second world war, it is also a place to visit the "Bellingrath" mansion, this was the house where lived the first "distributor" of Coca-Cola in the South of the state... I was there in late 1998.
Fort ALAMO in San Antonio
"Fort Alamo" ... this is quite a mythic place, it stands in San Antonio, If you have time, visit the 360° vision movie place, you will feel like in the middle of battles ... San Antonio is also a place to enjoy some good restaurants, along the river walk, with a flavor of "Venise" in Italy .. (1999)
Omaha in Nebraska - the city of John & Karen
This is Omaha in Nebraska, the place where John & his wife received me for a WE, the year we worked in Alabama... John presented me his treasure ... an amazing "cave" of wine - this was a kind of "Graal" on earth. Later we meet with my wife. Of course we do remember the  "tasting round"  to give some notations  to the devine bootles we had to evaluate ... (1998) - If by chance you read this notes John, please send a mail ...
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